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ALBANY / NEW YORK — Assemblywoman Angela Wozniak is learning pretty quick what happens when a little power goes to your head. She’s being accused of forcing one of her male staffers into having a sexual relationship with her.

Did we mention she ran on “ethics reform”?

Wozniak replaced Dennis Gabryszak as representative of New York’s 143rd Assembly District. Gabryszak resigned in January amid sexual harassment accusations from seven of his staffers.

Apparently, Wozniak had no trouble filling his shoes. It’s been just eight months since her inauguration where she said, “We need stronger repercussions for those elected officials that fail to abide by the law.”

The allegations against Wozniak were brought forth by 29-year-old Elias Farah, according to the New York Daily News. He accuses the assemblywoman of sexual harassment, saying she coerced him to have sex with her.

Neither Farah nor the assemblywoman have made themselves available for comment.

Wozniak’s attorney Steve Cohen has confirmed with WKBW in New York that an investigation by the Assembly Ethics Committee is underway. However, no charges have been filed.


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