No, We Don’t Miss You Yet: Bush43 Flies His Globalist Flag – TV ON TV

“W” made some not-so-veiled criticisms of Trump Monday on NBC. When asked about Trump’s travel ban, he pivoted to “freedom of worship”, implying that (a) the restrictions were religious persecution and (b) foreign citizens have a right to immigrate. On freedom of the press, Bush43 made it about the right of mainstream media to maintain their monopoly of press coverage at the White House, without anyone questioning what they report.

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    I really like Infowars, but, you guys have to stop denying climate change. Coming from a South Carolinian born in the 90's that is very concerned about how people like me have been treated throughout recent history, the single thing I can agree with these awful neolibs or globalists, is the fact that global warming/climate change is real. It is a very real threat to all of us that needs to not only be addressed, but handled.

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    George Vais

    George W. Bush a criminal and a man with "little man's syndrome" should be hanged.
    Obama simply has follow the orders from his boss George Soros. Justice, lobbying, campaign money are responsible for all.

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    Larry Elliott

    w bush is nothing more than a globalist cuck , just as Obama, killery, and the rest of our government ! people think there's a difference between Democrat and Republican and to you I ask two questions . if bush was involved in the inside job 911 event , and yea he was, then wouldn't the Democratic party be all over that ? their part of the deception too! if the republican party now was against almost everything the democrats do , then why do they go along with most of their corrupt , globalist crap? here's how your government works , its like the town you live in where at some time you need a lawyer for whatever , child custody , or a divorce, a car wreck , whatever . the judges ,the lawyer you hire from your area are buddies with the lawyer the other person hires. these lawyers hit the club after work together and have family get together with the other lawyers , they sniff cocaine of of prostitutes asses together. so how can justice be fare and just ? that's exactly how our top government officials are as well!!!!!!!! its not about justice, its about screwing you out of your 10 dollar an hour hard earned money! if you look back over the years , you can clearly see in old Trump interviews that him running for president has been part of the plan, and fact is ,he is a actor of sorts. watching the Clinton sexual assault victims at the debate and billdo clitoris face was priceless tho!!!!

  •  avatar

    I dont like this moron. Wtf is wrong with daca? I dont fucking understand. Stupid ass dude, i was always smarter than most ppl i went to school with who were born here, dumb asses. If you come here at 2. You basically grow up here, shut your old ass up this is our reality and our lifes the same as any american kid born here. Ignorant ass guy

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    Most Americans know that the BabyBush was used for his Commander in Chief authority by Cheney and Rumsfeld to set up 9 11. Then, as Cheney ran the gig from the WH Situation Room and the "attack" was underway, BabyBush was flown all over the USA to "keep him safe from unknown terrorist threats that could target him."   The idiot was flown around so he wouldn't be in the WH to get in the way of Cheney and Rummy.  If he were at the WH the idiot would be expected to issue orders, and that would only screw up the intricate plan.


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