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While Trump is holding off consolidation of national governments to a globalist union, there is another fight — a fight for liberty — that will have to be won at the local level. NH shows the way as they join 11 other states in recognizing our God-given right, respected by the Second Amendment, to protect ourselves.

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    they're not giving us anything in New Hampshire this is something they have taken away our constitution says it all shall not be infringed upon the Constitution needs to be put first our forefathers has taken a lot of thought put the Constitution together at least we can do is follow it not following it should be a crime that's right it is why are people that do not follow the Constitution being punished for the crimes they are committing my opinion of a man in the woods down by the river

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    Bubba Gump

    I know here in West Virginia the cops and liberal politicians were fighting Constitutional Carry claiming that all hell would break loose, increase in gun crime, and a danger to law enforcement …. only after it passed … the exact opposite happened … crime dropped because the criminals know that they are more likely to be gunned down now when committing a crime which involves a firearm.

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    Fullmetaljango unchained

    Here's a list of all countries Trump has already insulted: USA Mexico SwedenUK France Germany Bosnia KosovoAlbania Greece Turkey' AzerbaijanPretty much all of Northern and North-Eastern Africa Pretty much the entire Middle East India South Korea ChinaJapan Indonesia AustraliaConspicuously absent from this list? Russia.

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    EastCoast Podcast

    I need to move out of nj. I hate this socialist multicultural shit hole. You know how hard and annoying it is to get a gun? Enough for me it is. Having to wait as long as the police department in your town decides to wait. Have to pay to get an Id card or some shit. You can't carry here no matter what. It's so difficult only armored car guys can carry. I hate it so much. Especially because I was assaulted by a big dumb fat spanish piece of shit illegal. And there was nothing I could do because he sidelined me. He was three times my size and over six foot. Plus I was in psychotropic drugs at the time which slowed me down. Threw them out after that too because I feel like they slowed my mind down and caused me not to notice a bad situation sooner.


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