Fearless Self-Expression with Rebecca Sugar | Week 4: Final Expression | Cartoon Network

In support of Stop Bullying: Speak Up, Rebecca Sugar, creator of Steven Universe, discusses a five-step process on Fearless Self-Expression. Through creative expression, you can learn to give a voice to your thoughts and feelings and speak up for yourself.

In this video, we learn the fourth step towards Fearless Self-Expression: Final Expression. It’s time to apply all those learnings you gathered from “Press Yourself,” “Pure Study,” and “Love Collection.” Remember that bullying is minimized when everyone is comfortable expressing themselves openly and honestly – and valued for their unique methods of expression!

Be sure to watch the entire series to learn even more about the power of fearless self-expression: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLg6KfZlgBuDU1HskeWEmp-_m_D9fwvkls

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Stop Bullying | Rebecca Sugar | Cartoon Network

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